Wednesday, February 8, 2012

City to Ocean Ride (Thale Bang Khun Tien)

Back in November, I was told about a ride out to the ocean that promised to be pretty cool, and that involved (like whoa) a bike lane. On Sunday, I finally got around to it-and it was great, but sooo much more than I bargained or prepared for. It ended up being about 50km each way, and 8 hours total between riding and breaks along the way. I would love to figure out a way to do something similar but avoid Rama II road (horrible) so I will explore other seashore ride options in the future. Bangkhuntien Road is a pretty popular route for cyclists, though-I can see why; it is long, mostly quiet, and has a bike lane. If you live around here, this is a great exercise spot. If you live where I live, this is an Expedition. But worthwhile.

Chao Praya River, from the Rama II bridge

Cool seafood restaurant on Thanon Bangkhuntien. The seaside thing is big here-there are dozens of crab and seafood restaurants along this road.

Coconut by the sea, at Dolphin View Point
Kids swimming at the breakwater

Most ridiculous tanline

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